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Tibouchina urvilleana 'Princess Flower'

Use: Subtropical flowering small tree most often used as an accent piece. Sometimes used as a showy mass bedding plant in sunny locations.

Characteristics: With long striking tropical leaves and lots deep, rich, royal purple colored flowers, this small tree is seen blooming prolifically in the summer. Tibouchinas can be tricky to grow as they need very organic, acid soil and lots of moisture to thrive. It also will need cold protection in cold winters, or it will get knocked to the ground and later return in the spring.

Trimming: Do not prune before summer flowering. Wait for this plant to finish flowering before tipping back by hand pruning. This will thicken up the tree for the next bloom. Follow with a fertilizer application.

Fertilization: Fertilize in March, June and October with well balanced, time released granular fertilizer that contains minor elements. Do not skip fertilizations as plants will quickly become chlorotic (i.e. yellow).

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