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Tibouchina grandifolia "Glory Bush"

Use: Medium height, purple flowering bedding or accent plant.

Characteristics: Tibouchina grandifolia blooms in beautiful purple clusters of flowers in the summer and late fall. Foliage is fuzzy to the touch, and striking even when no flowers are present. Tibouchina grandifolia will acclimate to a wide variety of sun exposures, but performs best in full sun with light shade in the afternoon. Fertile acid soil is needed for best results.

Trimming: Tip back Tibouchina in the spring as temperatures start to rise. Immediately follow trimming with fertilizer application. Tip back again after spring (summer) flowers have expired. This will keep plant full throughout. Again, follow trim with fertilizer application.

Fertilization: Apply well balanced, time released granular fertilizer with minor elements in March, and October to coincide with tipping back. Apply a granular, bloom special blend in June to encourage fall flowering. Do not skip fertilizations, as plants will quickly become chlorotic.

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