Tabebuia caraibea / Yellow Tabebuia

Use: Yellow “Tabs” are a dramatic, medium height, flowering tree specimen.

Characteristics: Yellow Tabs are very striking when blooming with their bright yellow flowers in early spring. They are still pretty in the landscape when not flowering. Their foliage is silver green; their coarse trunks are often unusually shaped and full of character giving them a sculptural quality. The bloom period for Yellow Tabs is relatively short, only a few weeks in the spring, but occasionally you will see a second, shorter period in fall.

Trimming: No regular trimming is needed. Remove unwanted growth from the trunk when trees are young to achieve the desired form.

Fertilization: Yellow Tabs, typically, do not require fertilizer in South Florida; however, regular applications (March, June, and October) with a well-balanced, time-released granular fertilizer including minor elements will promote faster growth and a healthier tree.

Note: The trunks, branches, and root systems of Yellow Tabebuias are naturally weak; they evolved in the rainforest where windstorms did not exist. Therefore, they are prone to falling over, or even breaking off in a strong wind. Make sure trees are securely staked when young. Do not remove stakes until approved by your Landscape Architect. If a Tabebuia, (or any other Tree or Palm Specimen) is blown over in a windstorm, immediately notify your Maintenance Company, and your Landscape Architect, to coordinate proper re-staking. These trees can almost always be saved!