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Rhapis excelsa Lady Palm

Characteristics: Rhapis Palms exhibit a shrub-like growth habit, thrive in low light, and rarely grow taller than 8´-10'. They prefer well drained, organic soil. Their beautiful tropical characteristics make them an ideal choice for shady areas. Often they are used indoors and they make excellent potted specimens on patios and terraces.

Trimming: No formal trimming is needed. Hand prune to remove lower browning fronds. This palm is a clumping palm that will continue to produce new stem offshoots from the base and keep the palm full. Sometimes an entire large stem will die, and the entire shoot needs to be removed at the base.

Fertilization: Fertilize in March,June and October with a well-balanced, time-released, granular palm fertilizer. In shady areas, yellowing leaves indicate an iron deficiency. In addition to palm fertilizer, you can treat with Milorganite, for a temporary 'greening up. Remember that in too much sun, the leaves will turn yellow and look washed out. Few pests are seen on lady palms.

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