Psychotria nervosa / Wild Coffee


Use: Most commonly used as a medium height bedding plant in shady gardens. A dwarf more compact variety also is available.

Characteristics: Wild Coffee is native to Florida and adds rich green color and unusual leaf texture to any native or naturalistic landscape, buffer, or preserve. Do not try to use as a formal hedge. A small, white, flower is produced off and on throughout the year, but it is relatively insignificant, however, the fruit is a wildlife attractor. Wild Coffee is reliable, has low water requirements, and adapts to a wide range of soil conditions, and will adapt to a wide range of light conditions, but leaf color will be darker and richer in more shade.

Trimming: As a native to Florida and perfectly suited to native plantings and naturalistic landscapes, Wild Coffee should be trimmed only to keep plants under control. For plants with a desired mature height of 6' or less, shear off the top (by half) and the sides (by one third) in the spring, rounding the cut so plants are not squared off. Taking this much off should be enough to keep the plant under control for the year. For shrubs maintained taller than 6 ' shear off two feet or so from the top and 1 foot or so from the sides, in the spring and again in the fall.

Fertilization: With relatively low fertilizer requirements, Wild Coffee will benefit from high nitrogen, 'Milorganite' fertilizer immediately following trimming.


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