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Podocarpus macrophyllus 'Maki '

Use: Dark green, slow growing hedge for privacy.

Characteristics: Podocarpus Maki is most commonly used as a tall hedge requiring little maintenance. It has small leaves and grows extremely tight and full. It can take years to get the look required, but with some patience, they will reach their potential. Hedges can be made anywhere from 5 feet to 20 feet high.

Trimming: Shear the front and sides of established Podocarpus hedges every other month, skipping the 'winter month.' Tip back lightly in thin areas to promote new growth and fill in any voids. When shearing, angle the sides so that the bottom of the hedge is a bit wider than the top. This will help keep the plants full to the base.

Fertilization: Fertilize in March, June and October with a well-balanced, time released granular fertilizer.


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