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Liriope Muscari 'Evergreen Giant'/Giant Lily Turf

Established bed of evergreen giant Broward County, FL
Established bed of evergreen giant Broward County, FL

Use: Hardy mid-level growing evergreen bedding and border plant. They fill garden areas with lush green foliage and adapt to varying light conditions.

Characteristics: Evergreen Giant is dark green in color and prefers light to medium shade. It can adapt to full sun but may have some yellowing in the summer. Thin strap like leaves create very full, and dense spreading clumps. They offer an unusual texture to the landscape that grows to about 24" high. Blue flowering is seen in the summer.


Fertilization: Apply a balanced granular fertilizer three times per year, in March, June, and October.

For more information about landscape architecture for your estate in South Florida, please contact Peter Strelkow, principal at HS2G.

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