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Garcinia spicata Bitter Garcinia

Use: With beautiful, glossy foliage and colorful, yellow-orange fruit, Garcinia makes a lovely ornamental tree or specimen. Highly salt-tolerant, it is often used along ocean front properties as an accent tree, or planted as large formal hedges.

Characteristics: Garcinia is a slow growing evergreen tree. The Garcinia is both salt and wind tolerant. It does well in full sun to partial shade and can reach heights of 25’ at full maturity. Fruits are popular with tropical birds, but can be messy.

Trimming: Hand prune Garcinia as needed. This tree is naturally pyramidal in shape. It is dense and upright with little pruning required. The large seeds can be messy and need to be picked up by hand, or they will rot.

Fertilization: Fertilize Garcinia in March, June, and October with a well-balanced fertilizer.


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