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Galphimia glauca"Thryallis"



Use: Flowering bedding plant.

Characteristics: Thryallis is a medium growing, yellow flowering bedding plant that is nicely maintained between 4 ' and 6' tall. Most often and best used as a second or third tier bedding plant, Thryallis adds a striking hit of color to natural landscapes, butterfly gardens and buffers. Thryallis flowers continuously throughout the year except when recovering from a cut-back which can take up to three or four months.

Trimming: Perform a hard cutback on Thryallis once per year in the spring or summer. Hand pruning is best for this operation, but established Thryallis will tolerate shearing. Remove approximately half of the plant at this time. Two common mistakes are trying to maintain Thryallis shorter than it wants to be and monthly trimming removing small amounts each time. These mistakes will cause the plant to be woody and leggy and halt flower production.

Fertilization: Apply a high nitrogen blend, granular fertilizer to Thryallis immediately following the spring or summer hard cutback. The timing here is crucial. This fertilizer will encourage new growth from the cuts as well as from lower places along the branches. This is the key to keeping plants full, not leggy. Also, apply well-balanced, time released fertilizer to Thryallis in the fall to keep plants looking good over the winter months.

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