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Epidendrum ibaguense / Orange Reed Stem Orchid

Use: Medium height bedding plant particularly nice in lagoon and waterfall settings, or around rocks. Also striking in masses in full sun.

Characteristics: Orange Reed Stem Orchids are very durable and showy plants. When they are not blooming, they can easily be missed in the landscape. They flower on and off throughout the year, but one characteristic of note is that the more mature the plant, the longer the bloom periods will last. When plants are about to flower, long spikes appear. It is on these spikes that buds will eventually form and open into flowers. These spikes will grow toward the strongest light source. Other colors are available, but the orange easily the most hardy.

Trimming: Do not prune until flowering is completed. Clip off spikes when all the flowers on that spike have expired.

Fertilization: Reed stem orchids are not particular with their fertilizer requirements. Using a liquid, Orchid specific fertilizer throughout the year will increase flower production. Do not use copper, iron or other heavy metal nutrients as orchids and epiphytes will suffer.

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