Dypsis cabadae/Cabada Palm

Beautitful ringed trunks of the Cabadae Palm

Use: Cabada palms are very interesting palms that are used as specimens in the landscape. They are a clumping palm with dark green trunks, which remind many of bamboo culms. They are often used in tropical gardens in full or partial shade.

Characteristics: Known for its tropical nature, these palms can reach 25' tall and 12' feet wide. They are very durable and tolerant of various soil types. They slowly add new trunks to the group and age gracefully. Their informal nature makes them suitable for mid-scale projects in many different landscape styles.

Trimming: Cabadas are self-cleaning palms and do not need to have their leaves removed. Do not remove the suckers, as they are desirable.

Fertilization/Pests: Fertilize in March, June and October with a well-balanced, granular Palm fertilizer.

Beautitful multi-trunked Cabadae Palm specimen, Miami, FL

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