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Crinum augustum / Queen Emma Crinum Lily

Characteristics: Red Leaf Crinum lilies are beautiful accent pieces in the landscape. With their burgundy colored, long, wide leaves, they are perfectly suited to lush, tropical designs. These plants typically reach 3 feet tall after a couple years.Red crinums flower off and on throughout the year, with the starburst type flower emerging from a along spike that extends 8 or so inches farther than the body of the plant. They are happy in both sunny and shady situations

Trimming/Pests: No formal trimming is needed, but brown and spotted leaves should be removed as they occur. This can be done any time year. Excessive watering will cause this spotting, which is the result of a fungus. Occasionally, these can become infested with Lubber grasshoppers. These need to remove manually, or they can leave heavy leaf damage. Fertilization: Fertilize in March, June and October with a well-balanced Palm Fertilizer.

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