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Cordyline fruticosa “Ti Plant”

Use: Ti plants are used as accents in the shady landscape. They can create a beautiful tropical experience in South Florida gardens.

Characteristics: Ti Plants are medium subtropical evergreen shrubs that range in height from 3 to 8 feet. They prefer partial shade and need a very fertile, organic, well-drained soil mix. They are very susceptible to cold and need to be planted in protected areas.

Trimming: Little pruning is needed for this plant. Remove damaged or browning lower leaves occasionally.

Fertilization/Pests: Fertilize three times a year in concert with other planting in March, June and October with a balance time released fertilizer. Occasionally mealy bugs will appear and they can be treated with horticultural oils. Sometimes mites can also be a problem. These tiny reddish arachnids are identified by holding a sheet of white paper under the foliage and shaking it to see if the mites fall onto the paper. They require treatment with a miticide. Also, Nematodes (microscopic roundworms in soil) can over time cause root knots and slowly kill the plant. Add lots of organic potting mix to the area, and treat with a soil drench for nematodes.

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