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Clerodendrum Thomsoniae var. "Delectum" / Purple Bleeding Heart Vine

Uses: Delectum is a beautiful flowering vine used on trellis and support structures in the landscape. Its delightful white and pink flowers offer a soft alternative to the stronger colors of other vines.

Characteristics: Clerodendrum Thomsoniae 'Delectum' is a flowering vine that performs beautifully in low light conditions. It can be contained to a relatively small space, so it is an excellent choice for arches, arbors and wall-mounted trellises. Expect Delectum to flower off and on throughout the year.

Trimming: Guide vines around a trellis or arbor structure to get it started. After the initial training, vines will grow on their own. Hand prune stragglers as needed.

Fertilization: Fertilize in March, June and October with a well balanced, time-released granular fertilizer with minor elements.

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