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Caryota mitis “Fishtail Palm”


Use: Fishtail Palm is used as tall, natural privacy screen and sometimes as a tropical accent Palm. It is also very useful as an interior plant.

Characteristics: Named after its jagged fishtail shaped leaflets, this clustering palm thrives in full sun to full shade. Fishtail Palms can reach heights of 25’at full maturity. Although this palm is drought tolerant, it prefers moist soil. After several years, each stem will flower and consequently die. The seeds are poisonous and are caustic to the skin: wear gloves if removing seedpods.

Trimming: This palm will continue to produce new young trunks. After flowering and seed production, the entire old stem will die and must be removed at ground level. Fishtails are cold sensitive; remove dead or damaged fronds after warm temperatures return.

Fertilization: Fertilize Fishtail Palms in March, June, and October with a well balanced granular Palm fertilizer.

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