Alpinia purpurata/Red Ginger

Red ginger is tropical and showy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Use: Sub-tropical flowering mid-sized plant most often used as an accent piece. Sometimes used as a mass bedding plant in semi-shade locations.

Characteristics: With long striking tropical leaves and lots of long lived, red-colored flowers, this ginger is one of the best accents in the shady landscape. This plant needs very organic soil and lots of moisture to thrive. A beautiful pink variety is also seen.

Trimming: No formal training is needed. Throughout the year, a hand pruner should be used to remove old, brown,for or damaged leaves. After the flower has expired, remove the entire stalk at ground level. In cold winters, gingers will look poorly and need to have all its foliage removed to the ground to wait the spring growing season.

Fertilization: Fertilize in March, June, and October with well balanced, time-released granular fertilizer that contains minor elements.


Red ginger flower detail, Miami, FL

Pink variety 'Eileen Mcdonald’

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