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 HS2G Educational Charity

Help Us Educate Two Bright Young Women!!!

“To educate girls is to reduce poverty.”

— Kofi Annan


Anahi Perez Orellana’s First Communion at Iglesia La Merced, Cuenca, Ecuador.  Left to Right: Deborah Strelkow, Anahi Perez, Olga Inez Perez (mother)



Anahi Perez Orellana and Jennifer Franchesca Mendoza

Ani and Jennifer both live in Cuenca, Ecuador. Peter and I got to know them and their families during the time we were living and working in Cuenca.

Both Ani and Jennifer are bright, serious students whose families cannot afford to send them to school. Without our support these girls will not receive an education.

Both parents are good people: hard-working, honest, and kind. Ani’s mother, Olga, worked as a housekeeper while we lived in Cuenca; Jennifer’s father, Santiago, was a local taxi driver who occasionally helped us out as a handyman. The typical daily wage in the region is $20/working day. Under the current conditions, neither is employed.

Ani’s school, books, materials and supplies come to $1,800/year. Jennifer’s tuition for university is $5,000/year. The total cost to educate the girls is $6,800/year.

For both girls and their families, education is the path out of Poverty. Ecuador has a culture where children live at home until they are married, and families help each other. Both girls have made a commitment to help their parents after graduation. Neither has extended family in a position to help.


Jennifer (3rd from the right) with fellow students attending law school at La Universidad Catolica in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Anahi Perez Orellana attends Catholic School at la Iglesia de la Merced in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Our goal is to fund Jennifer and Ani through university. After they graduate, we hope to set up an annual scholarship for one economically disadvantaged girl to attend college.




“When women are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.”

— Michelle Obama

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