Alocasia species "Calidora"


Use: Alocasia Calidora can be used as an accent or in a mass planting in shady garden situations for a very tropical look. They are known worldwide as “elephant ears”.

Characteristics: The very large heart-shaped leaves of Calidora lend themselves very well to tropical landscape designs. It can grow to 8 feet in height. Although Calidora can acclimate to full sun conditions, it prefers at least 25% shade. In full sun, Calidora's leaves will lighten and look washed out. Calidora prefers moist and fertile soil. The addition of peat moss to the soil will stimulate growth and size of leaves. Heavy layers of mulch are also very helpful. Browning will occur if irrigation source is insufficient or temperatures drop below 45 degrees.

Trimming: No formal trimming needed. Remove leaves or stems as they become damaged, or if plants become too thick and outgrow the space.

Fertilization: Fertilize Calidora in March, June and October with a well balanced granular fertilizer. All Alocasia are sensitive to Spider Mites, Mealy bugs and Scale insects. Horticultural oil can be applied to infested areas, and/or the removal of the infected leaves from the property is recommended.